A startup valuation is what the startup is worth in the market depending on different factors.

Valuing your startup is a process that each entrepreneur has to do whenever they are raising money or even when they are looking for a technical cofounder, or a business cofounder or any partner or shareholder.

In this online live coaching, we teach the most common valuation methods for start-up companies, both in theory and in practice. International standards for the valuation of private equity and venture capital investments (IPEV), will be explained for a better understanding of global investors’ best practices. Should a booking be made without a concrete reason (valuation of a specific company), we will work with an exercise example.


Following topics are covered within the coaching

  • Valuation, together with your trainer, a specific company

  • Theory and practice application to valuation models for growth companies

  • Overview of the international standard for private equity and venture valuation (IPEV guidelines)

  • Introduction to the Scorecard Method

  • Introduction to the First Chicago Method

  • Introduction to the Venture Capital Method

  • Setting adequate risk premiums

  • Determining suitable multipliers

  • Overview of databases and service providers for company valuation

  • Valuable Downloads

You will get

  • Overall you get 3,5 days of expert’s attention and input on your individual case

  • 2 days pre-workshop preparation time of your trainer, based on your individual business plan, financials, and company specifics

  • Follow-up talk within 14 days after the coaching


To be financially flexible, you have the choice between an one-time payment or an payment in installments.


Managing Partner (CEO)

Berthold Baurek-Karlic

Berthold Baurek-Karlic is an active investor focusing on disruptive technologies. He consults on business development, change management, finance, M&A and exits. He has founded and developed several companies by himself and currently setting up a new venture fund in Europe.

Startup Valuation

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