Investing in early-stage tech companies is very exciting and can be enormously rewarding

However, start-up investments are also very risky and early-stage investors, therefore, need a specific set of skills and know-how. The first step is often the hardest: What do I need to consider before investing? Which mistakes are often made? And how do I find access to good investment opportunities and other business angels?

This 3 hours consultation offers a first overview of the entire life cycle of an early-stage investment as well as the opportunities and risks. After booking, you can arrange a suitable appointment with your trainer Mag. Berthold Baurek-Karlic (Serial-Entrepreneur and Business Angel as well as Co-Founder of the Business Angel Institute).
Expert Session in Angel Investing


Following topics are covered within the coaching

  • My deal flow – How do I find and evaluate the best startup deals?

  • Financial and legal aspects: An overview of valuation and typical deal terms for startup investments

  • Portfolio management: Monitoring and support of startups

  • Exit strategies: Time to successfully sell own shares

  • The coaching can be held in German or English

  • Q&A


To be financially flexible, you have the choice between an one-time payment or an payment in installments.


Managing Partner (CEO)

Berthold Baurek-Karlic

Berthold Baurek-Karlic is an active investor focusing on disruptive technologies. He consults on business development, change management, finance, M&A and exits. He has founded and developed several companies by himself and currently setting up a new venture fund in Europe.

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